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Direct Ilmenite Smelting Without Beneficiation

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Ilmenite smelting the basics T SAIMM

Ilmenite Smelting The Basics T Saimm

ilmenite smelting process. Ilmenite has the nominal composition FeO.TiO2. South African beach-sand ilmenites are close to this nominal composition, with the main impurities being MnO, MgO, SiO2 and Al2O3 amounting to some 3 of the mass of the ilmenite. There are two main routes that are used to upgrade ilmenite, to serve as a feedstock for


Electro Smelting Of Ilmenite For Production Of

The use of preheating andor pre-reduction of the ilmen ite are possible variants to these two direct smelting technologies. 4.1.2 AC smelting AC smelting of ilmenite as applied by QIT uses large, rectangular six in line el ectrodes, open arc, high power furnaces each with a

WO2017087997A1 Improved ilmenite smelting process

Wo2017087997a1 Improved Ilmenite Smelting Process

A method of preparing a pre-reduced ilmenite ore for smelting, wherein metal oxides contained in the ore are selectively reduced in solid-state reactions over titanium oxide, the method including...

PilotScale Demonstration of Ilmenite Processing

Pilotscale Demonstration Of Ilmenite Processing

separation to produce an ilmenite concentrate for hydrometallurgical testing. The beneficiation process resulted in three final products high silica tailings, magnetitetitanomagnetite concentrate, and ilmenite concentrate. The ilmenite concentrate was found to have the following chemical assay 38.9 TiO 2, 31.1 Total Fe, 6.4 SiO 2

Direct Carbothermic Reduction of Weathered Ilmenite for

Direct Carbothermic Reduction Of Weathered Ilmenite For

Mar 15, 2019 The commercial processes to extract iron from ilmenite FeTiO3 essentially include energy-intensive methods, such as high-temperature reduction smelting or preoxidation, coupled with reduction by carbon. However, due to altered mineralogy of ilmenite caused by weathering at sea coast, the reduction of iron remains incomplete in either of these processes, demanding a high concentration


Hydrometallurgical Beneficiation Of Ilmenite Dissolution of ilmenite by open beaker digestion .....108 Flux fusion dissolution of ilmenite .....108 Dissolution of ilmenite using different fluoride salts as fluxes ..108 Dissolution of ilmenite with K 2 S 2 O 7 and Na 2 CO 3

Chapter 4 Availability Processing and Specifications of

Chapter 4 Availability Processing And Specifications Of

A combination of physical beneficiation and smelting has proved applicable to the massive ilmenite-hematite deposits at Allard Lake, Canada. Overall, the relatively low prices of 0.10 to 0.15 per lb of titanium in ilmenite and slag concentrate and of 0.27 to 0.40 per lb of titanium in synthetic and natural rutile concentrate indicate the ...

CA2025015C Direct smelting process Google Patents

Ca2025015c Direct Smelting Process Google Patents

The present invention relates to a process for directly smelting ores, metal oxides or the like with a thermal plasma. The direct smelting process of the invention can be practiced easily by simple equipment regardless of the form of the material to be smelted without using any plasma forming gas. The present process is characterized in that a polyphase current voltage is applied to a ...


Positive Scoping Study Results From Tete

0.3Mtpa of 50 TiO2 ilmenite concentrate would be produced during the beneficiation process and sold separately. The vanadium may also be recovered as vanadium pentoxide slag and contribute further to Project revenue. The iron making technology utilises multi-hearth furnaces and rotary kilns for the direct

Ferroalloys DC Smelting Plant Metso Outotec

Ferroalloys Dc Smelting Plant Metso Outotec

Metso Outotecs direct current DC smelting furnace can be used for direct smelting of fine ores, even those with highly variable chemical or mineralogical compositions, as well as for recycling challenging by-products such as steel dust. Use a cost-efficient, sustainable, and compact solution for ferroalloys processing. Robust, safe, and easy ...

Chapter 1 Introduction University of Pretoria

Chapter 1 Introduction University Of Pretoria

In their paper Beukes and Van Niekerk 1999 compared three secondary beneficiation processes for crude ilmenite produced from a Southern African East Coast deposit. Their aim was to produce ilmenite with Cr,O,-levels less than 0.1 per cent from an ilmenite

Studies Sri jnsfslsljolinfo

Studies Sri Jnsfslsljolinfo

of ilmenite from Pulmoddai sand in 1963 and rutile in 1968. About 65,000 tons of ilmenite concentrates are currently exported from Sri Lanka each year, primarily to pigment manufacturers, without any beneficiation. The following Table gives the results of chemical analysis of ilmenite

TitaniaSlag Production Process Technology

Titaniaslag Production Process Technology

The ilmenite, as mined, has a high Cr2O3 content and is not suitable for direct smelting to titania slag. Titanium slag is produced in the mining, refining and smelting of mineral sands to produce titanium dioxide TiO2 feedstocks used in the production of pigments, titanium metal, welding fluxes and other specialised products.

Physical Processes in metallurgy Rigveda Gupta Brilliant

Physical Processes In Metallurgy Rigveda Gupta Brilliant

Physical mineral beneficiation Beach sand, a source of many rare metals like titanium, zirconium, hafnium, and thorium, is processed by exploiting the characteristic differences in the size, shape, density, and electromagnetic and electrostatic behavior of mineral constituents, that is, rutile, ilmenite, zircon, monazite and so on.

Beneficiation of Vanadium and Titanium Oxides by Using

Beneficiation Of Vanadium And Titanium Oxides By Using

Issues with existing vanadium beneficiation stimulate the development of new technologies for wasteless production of vanadium. The present work investigates a possibility of beneficiation of vanadium and titanium oxides in a low-titanium magnetite concentrate by using selective reduction and extraction of iron. Iron was selectively reduced by coal without melting and separated from the oxide ...

PDF Leachability of nitrided ilmenite in hydrochloric

Pdf Leachability Of Nitrided Ilmenite In Hydrochloric

Titanium nitride in upgraded nitrided ilmenite bulk of iron removed can selectively be chlorinated to produce titanium tetrachloride. Except for iron, most other components present during this low temperature ca. 200 C chlorination reaction will not react with chlorine. It is therefore necessary to remove as much iron as possible from the nitrided ilmenite.


Multiobjective Optimisation In Carbon

dried and further upgraded in the Unroasted Ilmenite Circuit URIC where smelter-grade ilmenite is produced. Anthracite is offloaded from external suppliers at the Reductant Processing Plant RPP where it is dried and prepared for smelting. The smelting of ilmenite, together with anthracite, in two 36 MW direct-current arc furnaces smelters


Pdf Feasibility Of Fluxless Smelting Of

For the majority of deposits, the ilmenite and iron minerals are intimately interlocked, which prevents clean separation of the magnetite and ilmenite via physical beneficiation Henry et al ...

Prereduction and DC openarc smelting of carbonbased

Prereduction And Dc Openarc Smelting Of Carbonbased

produce consistent prereduced ilmenite pellets for direct smelting in the furnace. Following successful laboratory-scale tests, the Impril process was demonstrated at pilot scale. The results are summarized in this paper. The aim of the test work was to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the smelting of prereduced carbon-based ilmenite ...

An integrated mineral processing pilot plant practical

An Integrated Mineral Processing Pilot Plant Practical

60 kW direct current plasma arc furnace provides the required energy for smelting, as shown in Figure 3. A 1 kg mixture of ilmenite obtained form Namakwa Sands and milled anthracite are prepared for and fed using a vibratory feeder for each furnace run. Anthracite is added in a ratio of 127 kg per ton ilmenite the same ratio used by Figure 2.

Beneficiation of Titanium Oxides From Ilmenite by Self

Beneficiation Of Titanium Oxides From Ilmenite By Self

Mar 01, 2006 Available online at SCIENCE Th DIRECT JOURNAL OF IRON AND STEEL RESEARCH, INTERNATIONAL. 2006, 132, 06-09 Beneficiation of Titanium Oxides From Ilmenite by Self-Reduction of Coal Bearing Pellets XU Meng, GUO Ming-wei, ZHANG Jian-liang, WAN Tian-ji, KONG Ling-tan School of Metallurgical and Ecological Engineering, University of

An overview of the Namakwa Sands ilmenite smelting operations

An Overview Of The Namakwa Sands Ilmenite Smelting Operations

The smelting process comprises the carbonaceous reduction of ilmenite to produce titania slag with a TiO2 content of 86, and iron with a carbon content of 2.5. The Namakwa Sands smelter ...

Heavy Mineral Processing at Richards Bay Minerals

Heavy Mineral Processing At Richards Bay Minerals

The ilmenite, as mined, has a high Cr2O3 content and is not suitable for direct smelting to titania slag. Some of this Cr2O3 is removed at the mine when the ilmenite is passed through a magnetic separation step in which the highly susceptible Cr2O3-rich fraction of the ilmenite is removed. The remaining

Laterite Ore an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Laterite Ore An Overview Sciencedirect Topics

Selective removal of iron from ilmenite minerals has been an area of extensive growth and a number of beneficiation processes have been suggested and tried. The most commonly practiced process of considerable importance is the thermal treatment roasting of titaniferous materials, for example, ilmenite ore in a rotary kiln, known as the Becher ...

Titania slag smelting and calcination of crude zinc

Titania Slag Smelting And Calcination Of Crude Zinc

smelting ilmenite smelting can only eliminate iron oxide. This contrasts with the Waelz kiln processes, which recovers zinc by volatilisation. ... As a direct result of the mildly reducing conditions, only FeO is reduced to any ... The purity requirements are met by careful selection and beneficiation of the raw materials ilmenite and ...

Momentum Transfer from Arc to Slag Bath in a DC Ilmenite

Momentum Transfer From Arc To Slag Bath In A Dc Ilmenite

A computational fluid dynamics model was developed to study momentum transfer from the plasma arc jet to the slag bath in a direct-current DC ilmenite smelting furnace.

Electric Arc Furnace Operation

Electric Arc Furnace Operation

Jun 11, 2017 For the pyrometallurgical evaluation tests, the ore was used without beneficiation. A sample of the titaniferous iron ore ilmenite-magnetite, which is fed into the wet milling-concentration process at the MacIntyre mine in New York, was beneficiated at

Improving the production efficiency of hightitania slag

Improving The Production Efficiency Of Hightitania Slag

Apr 16, 2020 Without flux, the pseudobrookite phase with a high melting temperature was precipitated during ilmenite smelting. This could be the main reason for decreased reduction of iron in ilmenite.

Abu Ghalaga Ilmenite Ore Upgrading Helals

Abu Ghalaga Ilmenite Ore Upgrading Helals

Proposed beneficiation and upgrading. for Abu Ghalaga Ilmenite ore. Prepared by Eng. Atef Helal 2011-04-22. Mineralogical Analysis of Abu Ghalaga ilmenite ore ilmente is FeO.TiO 2 4.7 has shown that ore consists mainly of hematite-ilmente, the content of which reaches 85.44 in primary ore non oxidized, and 90.6 in the oxidized ore secondary. . The second as to quantity in ...

US6733561B2 Production of high titania slag from

Us6733561b2 Production Of High Titania Slag From

A process is provided for the production of titania rich slag from ilmenite. The ilmenite is fed together with carbonaceous reductant, and in the absence of fluxes, to the molten bath of a D.C. arc furnace. The molten bath of the furnace forms the anode and one or more electrodes in the roof of the furnace forms the cathode. A frozen lining is established and maintained between the refractory ...

Beneficiation of titania by sulfuric acid pressure

Beneficiation Of Titania By Sulfuric Acid Pressure

Dec 01, 2014 The beneficiation of titania TiO 2 by sulfuric acid H 2 SO 4 pressure leaching of Panzhihua ilmenite was investigated.The reaction temperature, H 2 SO 4 concentration, and concentration of ferrous ions Fe 2 had significant effects on the enrichment of TiO 2.With increasing reaction temperatures, the dissolution of iron from ilmenite was enhanced, while the titanium loss was

Evaluation of TitaniaRich Slag Produced from Titaniferous

Evaluation Of Titaniarich Slag Produced From Titaniferous

Aug 03, 2020 Fluxless smelting of ilmenite to produce furnace slag as feedstock for the pigment industry is a well-established industrial practice with extensive installed smelting capacity globally.1,2,3,4 Commercial ilmenite smelters produce two products, namely titania-rich slag and a pig iron by-product. In contrast, smelting practices for titaniferous magnetite or titanomagnetite recover only iron ...


Irii 9065 Please Do Not Remove From Library

ing smelting. The research also demon strated that fluid slags could be ob tained without contaminating fluidizers if from 8 to 12 wt pct Fe were present 9. Smelting experiments were conducted in a 25-kg, single-phase ac electric arc furnace and a 1-mt, three-phase ac fur nace, both with carbon-lined shells to

Ilmenite for pigment and metal production

Ilmenite For Pigment And Metal Production

Habashi H 2016 Ilmenite for pigment and metal production Interdiscip Chem 2016 doi 10.15761IJC.1000105 Volume 11 28-33 FeTiO 3 C Fe CO TiO 2slag Fe 2 O 3 3C 2Fe 3CO This method is used by the Rio Tinto QIT at its plant in Sorel near


The Role Of Metallurgy In Enhancing

Economic beneficiation is the transformation of mined ore into a higher value product which can be consumed locally or exported. Beneficiation as related to metallurgy is the treatment of raw material such as iron ore to improve physical or chemical properties especially in preparation for smelting